Halfway​ there!

Good morning everyone. This is just a short post to share a few updates.

First: The Goodreads giveaway is doing great! So far 133 people have entered and we still have two weeks to go. Remember, I am giving away 100 free digital copies of Restoration so you still have a really good chance of winning one. Please enter today if you are interested in winning a free book…you never know, you may get lucky!

Second: I am almost halfway through The Fourth World and I am pretty jazzed about how it’s coming along. The story is coming together nicely, and I’m excited to see what happens! Yes, you read that right. My writing style is very organic and, although I have a rough outline and an idea of where I want the book to go, I will not know exactly how it ends until I write it! Right now, I am just having fun watching the characters evolve and the story emerge. More about my writing process in a future post.

Lastly: The audiobook version of Restoration is in development, and I look forward to releasing it sometime before the end of the year. I am partnering with Stephen Floyd, a friend from highschool who happens to be a professional voice actor. He has a great voice and I can’t wait to hear him bring Restoration to life for those who would rather listen than read. I will share more details about the audiobook next month.

Thanks for reading and have a great week!

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