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I have some exciting news to share: As of today I have written 34,512 words for my second book, which equates to roughly 25% done. The working title is The Fourth World, and it takes place approximately forty years before Restoration. But, even though both books take place in the same fictional timeline, it is not a prequel.

I actually started this book way back in 1998 (or thereabouts), but life took me in a different direction and I had to set it aside. I worked on it some in 2012, but once again life pulled me away. That was definitely not a bad thing though, my wife and I got to live and work in St. Thomas, USVI for four years!

Restoration was also born in 2012, but it existed as only a rough outline and some character notes. In 2017, when I decided to finally pursue my dream of being a writer, I dug into my research and notes for both books and decided to finish Restoration first, unsure whether I would ever finish The Fourth World or not. But, after re-reading the 10,000+ words I had written way back in ’98, I decided that it deserved to be finished.

I will share more details in future posts, but the timeline I established for TFW provided the historical elements in Restoration—with climate change, WW III and the colonization of Mars being the most relevant to both books. That said, TFW isn’t really about any of those things. It’s about Marissa Spencer, an archeologist, and her twin brother Michael, an astronaut.

The year 2034 is an exciting time for the twins: They will celebrate their 33rd birthday, Marissa makes an incredible discovery while working on an excavation in China and Michael will pilot the first manned mission to Mars. Unfortunately for them, 2035 will be just as exciting but far more dangerous.

I plan to release The Fourth World in December and will provide regular updates between now and then. Revival, book two in the Restoration series, is slated for summer 2019.

Stay tuned, and thanks for reading!

Image credits: “The White Pyramid”, Shaanxi China, 1945. First published in the NY Times in 1947 and later attributed to James Gaussman.

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