Restoration e-book onsale this week only!

Hi friends,

Just a quick note to let you know that the e-book version of Restoration is on sale this week for 99 cents if you haven’t grabbed a copy yet. The reviews have been overwhelmingly positive on Amazon and Goodreads and it’s been very encouraging to know that most of the people who’ve read it have enjoyed it.

I have received a couple of one and two-star reviews, but that’s to be expected and I appreciate those just as much as I appreciate the four and five-star reviews.

“Wait. You appreciate negative reviews?” you might ask.

“Absolutely!” I say.

All feedback is a gift, and we learn nothing from silence. It is a rare thing that people you don’t know will take time out of their busy lives to share their honest thoughts and opinions with you. For that reason, I feel that I owe it to them to read and fully consider their words. I don’t have to agree with them, but I should take the time to glean any nugget of truth or wisdom that might lie within.

Of course, given the choice, I’d much rather have a five-star review over a one-star all day long! But this is mainly due to how Amazon’s algorithms work. The more good reviews you have the more likely your book will appear near the top of any given set of search results and appear on “recommended” lists.

So, that all said, if you read (or have read) Restoration please, please, please consider leaving me a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads. Reviews matter and I read them all, so please take a few minutes and let me know what you think.

With sincerest thanks and appreciation,


PS. I am making good progress on re-working The Fourth World. My lovely wife just gave me her blessing on the first seven chapters, which is good because I was really struggling with pacing in the opening sequence. She’s not a huge sci-fi fan, so the story and characters have to be interesting enough to keep her attention. More on that in the next post.

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