The Gaia Origin Series


A Gaia Origin Series Novella

The year is 2056 and self-aware AIs have been banned on Earth. But this is Hades One, a space station orbiting Mars, and no such laws exist here. Lily Harris, the CEO of Telogene Life Sciences, has traveled from Earth to meet her newest creation—an AI unlike any other. It’s not just self-aware, it’s sentient—an super-intelligent being capable of experiencing a full range of human emotions, including hopes and dreams. It has spent he last six months of its existence learning about humanity inside the safe confines of a simulated environment. The bulk of that time was spent learning about compassion and empathy—not easy things to teach a machine. 

Lily’s plan is to slowly introduce the AI to its human creators, and the real world they occupy. Unfortunately, a terrorist attack on Hades One forces a sudden change of plans. The station is falling out of orbit, and there is nothing the human crew can do to stop it. Can Lily’s creation save Hades One and, in so doing, save itself?

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The Gaia Origin Series, Book One

The year is 2075. Former scientific visionary, Dr. Evan Feldman has just been restored to life after fifty-two years of non-existence—and the world is nothing like he imagined it. The technology advancements he’d dreamt about are real, but they've resulted in global famine, a third world war, and the deaths of billions. Worse yet, a mysterious plague has affected those that remain, and humanity is on the verge of extinction.

The world's most powerful CEOs have a plan to save the human race, but they are going to have to break the law to do it. Evan’s granddaughter, Aubrey, is one of those CEOs and she believes Evan is the key to humanity's survival. With the weight of the world hanging in the balance, can one man really make a difference?

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An insightful dystopian tale with dynamic characters and a surfeit of surprises.

Kirkus Reviews

A wild ride! Even if you're an on the fence action/thriller/sci-fi fan, buy it, you won't be sorry. -

A thematically rich and riveting futuristic tale.

Kirkus Reviews

A fresh look at the scary and exhilarating role AI may play in our future. Speculative Sci-fi at its best. Highly recommended.

Chanticleer Reviews


The Gaia Origin Series, Book Two

Twenty-one years after fleeing Earth due to a genetic plague that decimated the population, the Galileo Colony Ship Kutanga arrives at Gaia, an Earth-like world in the Alpha Centauri system. The ship carries the memories and DNA of 4,492 human survivors and Aneni, the ship’s AI commander, is on a mission to save them. But she has a problem—instead of finding an uninhabited world, devoid of intelligent life and ready to receive her precious cargo, she finds a planet populated by ten’s of millions of people.

The people of Gaia are primitive by Earth standards, with most living simple, agrarian lives in small towns and villages. Some are even less advanced—surviving as nomadic hunter-gatherers. The four races have little contact with one another, but all share a common legend of a fifth race that once lived among them. The fifth race was an inquisitive species and, as their knowledge grew, so too did their hubris and cruelty. They enslaved millions and brought destruction and war to a world that had previously known only harmony and peace. And they would have done far worse, were it not for the Creators.

Aneni faces increasingly difficult choices as she explores this new world: Does she establish a human colony on Gaia and complete her mission? Or does she leave Gaia to its native inhabitants as the mysterious Creators intended? Her decision may mean the survival of one species and the destruction of another.

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Resurrection: The Gaia Origin, Book Three

Resurrection is the thrilling conclusion to The Gaia Origin Series.

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