Thoughtful Reflections and a Revival Update

Greetings friends, I hope your time at home has been as healthy, happy, and productive as mine has been.

I consider myself incredibly blessed, and never a day goes by that I don’t give thanks for my health, my family, and my friends. Nothing matters more in life than the people we surround ourselves with, and the love that we show them. Jobs come and go, fortunes rise and fall, but the love you hold for yourself and others should never falter.

If this pandemic has taught me anything, it is time is the greatest gift of all. We each have a finite amount of it, and every day tests our ability to spend it well. I know that the quarantine has been hard on almost everyone, but I try to find the good in all things. For me, this quarantine has been a gift of time unburdened by the hustle and bustle of modern life. As inconvenient and financially devastating as it has been, the quarantine has allowed me to spend more time doing the things I love with the person I love most in all the world–my wife. I hope and pray that the world is never again forced to endure another pandemic, but I am eternally grateful for the many days we’ve spent together that would have normally been spent apart because of work and travel schedules.

That said, I am pleased to announce that my first rewrite of Revival is nearly complete and it will soon be headed to my publishing partner for a developmental edit (the first of several more edits to come). We originally planned to make Revival available for pre-order on the first of May, but we are pushing that back several weeks while we re-evaluate our fall release schedule. I’ll say more about that in an upcoming post but, as you can imagine, nearly everybody’s schedule has been impacted by the coronavirus and subsequent quarantine.

In the meantime, I updated my website with the descriptive text and synopsis for Revival, and I’ve even made the prologue available for you to preview. As I said, this is unedited text, so read at your own discretion, and please be kind when you find mistakes…they’ll all be fixed before publication, I promise!

Stay healthy!


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